Mates Program

The 2019 Umpire AFL Mates Program is a Program aimed at enhancing the development of young community field umpires who are deemed to be 1 to 2 years away from a State League Rookie Squad nomination.

The 2019 Umpire AFL Mates Program launched on Tuesday, May 7 and was a great opportunity for up and coming umpires to meet their “AFL Mates”.

The AFL Umpiring Team has developed the content and arranges the delivery of the sessions.

A feature of this Program is that it aims to bring some of Victoria’s most promising young field umpires together with AFL Umpires to create the environment in which a “mateship” can be formed. The “mateship” will assist with the personal development and the acquisition of knowledge and skill that is required for young umpires to progress toward VFL umpiring and then, possibly, an AFL umpiring career.

The main objectives of the Umpire AFL Mates Program are to identify one or two promising young field umpires from selected community umpiring groups to participate in the program. The program aims to create an environment based on mutual respect and trust in which participants can develop a mateship with an AFL Umpire.

The Umpire AFL Mates Program conducts activities through which the AFL Umpire can share his/her knowledge and experience with participants and deliver education and coaching through the implementation of an Umpiring Game Plan. The program further conducts activities that build the self-esteem and confidence of the participants and encourage them to take pride in their role in umpiring Australian Football


The participants in this year’s Program are listed below.

Community Umpiring Group Christian Surname AFL Umpire ‘Mate’
AFL Barwon – Geelong Umpires Charlie O’Neill David Harris
AFL Barwon – Geelong Umpires Sebastian Dew David Harris
AFL Central Victoria – BUA / REFUA Jack Anderson John Howorth
AFL Central Victoria – BUA / REFUA Jeremy Ellis John Howorth
AFL Outer East – Yarra Ranges Umpires Association Campbell Harris Craig Fleer
AFL Outer East – Yarra Ranges Umpires Association Francis Nickell Craig Fleer
AFL South East – Southern Umpires Association Cooper Marriott Hayden Gavine
AFL South East – Southern Umpires Association Kyle Van Raay Hayden Gavine
Eastern Football League Byron Browne Andrew Mitchell
Eastern Football League Tom Noonan Andrew Mitchell
Essendon District Football League David Mann Brendan Hosking
Essendon District Football League Harry Gibbs Brendan Hosking
Northern Football Netball League Anthony Neale Shane McInerney
Northern Football Netball League Dominic Brennan Shane McInerney
Northern Football Netball League Lachlan Flinn Brent Wallace
Northern Football Netball League Tom Centorino Brent Wallace
Southern Football Netball League Thomas Moore Rob O’Gorman
Southern Football Netball League Alanah French Rob O’Gorman
Victorian Amateur Football Association Jonathan Clark Leigh Fisher
Victorian Amateur Football Association Liam Jenkins Leigh Fisher
Western Region Football League Shannon van Boven Alex Whetton
Western Region Football League Noah Piggott Alex Whetton

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