Getting Involved

An increasing number of young people, male and female, are choosing to be part of our great game as field, boundary or goal umpires.


Umpiring is one the most important aspects of Australian football and offers fantastic avenues to be involved whilst enjoying numerous fitness benefits.

AFL Victoria, through the network of community leagues and Regional Commissions, is able to provide a significant amount of assistance for those seeking to become an umpire.

Fill out the enquiry form to register your interest in becoming an umpire. These details will be passed on to the relevant local umpiring group in your area who will contact you and provide you with the information relating to that group.

Our community leagues, which include over 38 umpiring groups in Victoria, are ready to provide coaching, training, education and accreditation by qualified, accredited umpires’ coaches.

Whether you are seeking a career in umpiring, or just looking to keep fit, umpiring develops life skills such as: Leadership, critical and clear thinking, decision making, and effective communication.

AFL Victoria offers a range of accreditation courses as well as several programs targeted at young Metropolitian and Country Victorian umpires.

A number of leagues also run their own programs and accreditation.

Umpire Roles 

What do each of the umpires do?

Field Umpires

A challenging and rewarding activity, field umpires take control of 36 players and call the shots on the big stage! The field umpiring career path involves three progressive stages, with the pinnacle being umpiring at AFL level.

Boundary Umpires

For those who enjoy running or want to learn about the game, boundary umpiring is ideal. Boundary umpires are responsible for making decisions to whether the ball is in play, as well performing the boundary throw-in. Boundary umpires are also expected to stand behind the point post at every shot at goal to assist the goal umpire and return the ball to the controlling field umpire when a goal has been scored.

Goal Umpires

The goal umpire decides on, and records, all scores in an Australian football match. Goal umpires are required to position themselves in the best position to judge the correct score and often adjust their position from behind-the-flight of the ball, to under-the-flight of the ball to astride the scoring line.

Crisp and confident signalling and flag waving are also an important requirements of goal umpires.


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