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AFL Victoria offers a full range of umpiring courses to further educate members of our affiliated umpiring groups. Our highly qualified Umpiring Department can deliver and assist in the delivery of these courses to address the needs of our umpiring affiliates. 

AFL Umpire Introductory Course

Released in March, 2018 is a new AFL Umpire Introductory Course that is designed for all Club Umpires, sibling umpires, parent umpires and umpires engaged in school football.

It is also the expectation that all first-year Community Umpires complete this training as it is designed to equip you with some basic knowledge to better prepare you for your next game.

Found at this course costs just $10.00 that is due whilst registering for the course and takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes to complete.

Upon completion, you will be issued with a “Certificate of Achievement” that should be shared with your local Club or umpiring coach.

For questions about this course, please contact Andrew whose contact details are located on the bottom of this page.


AFL Basic Umpiring Course

The Umpire AFL School Academy Basic Umpiring Course is an introductory course about umpiring Australian Football outlining the basic factors that are involved in being a field, boundary and goal umpire. The course is not intended to fully equip a person to umpire a senior game of football, but is seen as a way in which people who have a passion and an interest in football umpiring may be introduced to some of the specifics of this rewarding involvement in our great Australian game.

A registration form for students can be found by clicking here. The course has been designed to include six modules all of which include physical activity. The six modules included in the course are:

  • Field Umpire Positioning
  • Field Umpire Decision Making
  • Boundary Umpiring
  • Goal Umpiring
  • Practical Assessment
  • Match Day

The Basic Umpire Course is delivered by trained Umpire Development Officers (UDO). UDO’s are current community umpires who facilitate the course at schools within the region of their Umpire Club and assist Umpiring Managers to transition students into umpiring community football.

To find out more about the programs above please contact:

AFL Umpiring Growth & Development Coordinator – Victoria

Andrew Talbot            Phone: 0437 663 198              Email:

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