Policies – AFL Victoria

Numerous different Policies apply to football across Victoria and Australia, in relation to a number of different topics.

Please use the below links to access further information on any of these Policies and Forms.


Rules and Regulations


Player Transfer & De-registration


Online Media


Coaches and Trainers


Duty of Care


National Age Dispensation Policy 2019


AFL Respect & Responsibility Policy:

  • This document is a renewed Respect and Responsibility Policy, supplemented by a new protocol for managing complaints and incidents.  Find the Policy HERE… 


AFL Victoria Smoke Free and Alcohol Management Policy & Resources:

  • AFL Victoria acknowledges its role in promoting healthy environment standards amongst all Leagues & Clubs, who are required to have in place appropriate Smoking and Alcohol Management Policies.  Find the AFL Victoria Smoke Free Policy HERE… or for the Alcohol Management Policy, CLICK HERE…


Infectious Disease Policy:

  • AFL Victoria acknowledges its role in dealing with the issue of the spread of Infectious Diseases within football.  Find the Policy HERE…



All AFL Victoria Affiliates are governed by the AFL Anti-Doping Code.  The clauses of the AFL Anti-Doping Code that are legally enforceable by ASADA at community football level are the ones that are taken directly from the WADA Code.   There are a number of other clauses in the AFL Anti-Doping Code that have been included by the AFL (with the approval of ASADA) to specifically relate to the AFL competition where the resources & support systems exist to be able to manage and administer such obligations.

  • Find the AFL Anti-Doping Code HERE…
  • Find an Anti-Doping Message for Community Football Leagues HERE…


Safeguarding Children and Young People


Affiliate Regulations:


Additional Resources:

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Official Partners

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