Energy Safe Victoria Safer Canteen Grants


The Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) Canteen Grant program supports clubs to be more energy safe in their operations and increase awareness of energy safety issues at the community level. The program is made possible through a partnership with AFL Victoria. It promotes both energy safety awareness and the growth of community football.

Who Can Apply?

Clubs competing in leagues affiliated with AFL Victoria are eligible to apply.

How Much Are the Grants?

  • ESV provides an annual funding pool to be dispersed at the discretion of AFL Victoria upon successful approval of ESV Canteen Grant
  • The ESV Canteen Grant program will provide a maximum grant reimbursement of $1,000 per application for the purchase of new or replacement electrical or gas appliances.


What type of equipment might be funded?

  • Grants can be used for equipment such as a pie warmer, urn or microwave or other small-scale electrical appliances or,
  • Funding could be used towards larger equipment such as a gas cooker, bain-marie, oven BBQ or fridge.


Funding Requirements

  • Any electrical appliance (i.e. microwave) must display the regulatory compliance mark or the unique safety approval number.
  • Any gas appliance must have a certification.
  • Any gas/electrical installations (i.e. need wiring or plumbing/gas fitting work) must use a licensed gasfitter or a registered electrical contractor (REC).
  • Any electrical installation projects must obtain a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) from the electrician and provide to ESV.
  • Any gas installation projects must obtain a Certificate of Compliance and provide to ESV.


How to Apply

  • Applications must be submitted via::
  • Answer all questions about your club, your canteen and equipment you wish to purchase.
  • Copies of all relevant documentation must be attached when submitting your application.
  • All applications must include a Letter of Support from the club’s local council.
  • AFL Victoria staff may be contacted for advice when preparing your Club’s application.


Clubs successful in receiving funding are required to:

  • Use the funds for the specified activity.
  • Purchase the equipment from a reputable retailer.
  • Complete the project within four months of receiving funding approval.
  • Notify AFL Victoria if the project has been cancelled and return all grants paid within 14 days.
  • Share ESV safety messages: display signage and other marketing materials as supplied by ESV.
  • Be responsible for ensuring adequate insurance cover for any equipment purchased.
  • Once completed, provide via: a photograph, purchase receipt and brief acknowledgement summary of the funded project.
  • Complete any evaluation required by ESV or AFL Victoria.

Please note: Successful grant recipients may receive an audit from ESV

Expected Timeline

  • The ESV Canteen Grant program will commence on 22 June 2020 and conclude 22 July.
  • Applications will only be assessed if all relevant information has been provided.
  • Successful applicants will be notified after 1 August.
  • Approved applicants will receive further information regarding funding requirements.
  • On approval of funding, the total amount to be paid under the grant will be paid directly to the applicant’s account.
  • All grant funds must be spent by 30th September 2020.

Payments, Tax Invoices and GST

  • Funding grants are subject to GST.
  • The Association/Club will need to supply AFL Victoria with a valid tax invoice (receipt) with ABN for the approved funding amount including GST (if registered for GST), within 28 days of receipt of the If not registered for GST please supply AFL Victoria with a valid tax invoice (receipt) with ABN with no GST within 28 days of receipt of the grant.
  • If your Association/Club does not have an ABN, AFL Victoria is required to withhold 46.5% of the funded amount.
  • Grants will be paid within 30 days of receipt of a valid tax invoice.

To read more about the Energy Safe Victoria Club Canteen Guidelines, CLICK HERE…


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