Energy Safe Victoria Club Canteen Grant


The Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) Canteen Grant program supports clubs to be more energy safe in their operations and increase awareness of energy safety issues at the community level. The program is made possible through a partnership with AFL Victoria. It promotes both energy safety awareness and the growth of community football.

Who Can Apply?
Clubs competing in leagues affiliated with AFL Victoria are eligible to apply.

How Much Are the Grants?

  • ESV provides an annual funding pool to be dispersed at the discretion of AFL Victoria upon successful approval of ESV Canteen Grant applications.
  • The ESV Canteen Grant program will provide funds up to a maximum limit of $1,000 per application for the purchase of new or replacement electrical or gas appliances.
  • Only one grant will be provided per club.

What type of equipment might be funded?

  • Grants can be used for equipment such as a pie warmer, urn or microwave or other small-scale appliance or
  • Funding could be used towards larger equipment such as a BBQ or fridge

Funding Requirements

  • Any electrical appliance (i.e. microwave) must display the regulatory compliance mark or the unique safety approval number.
    Any gas appliance must have a certification.
  • Any gas/electrical installations (i.e. need wiring or plumbing) must use a licensed gasfitters or registered electrical contractor.
  • Any electrical installation projects must obtain a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) from the electrician and provide to ESV.
  • Any gas installation projects must obtain a Certificate of Compliance and provide to ESV.

How to Apply

  • Applications must be submitted via
  • Answer all questions about your club, your canteen and equipment you wish to purchase.
  • Copies of all relevant documentation must be attached when submitting your application.
  • AFL Victoria staff may be contacted for advice when preparing your Club’s application.


To read more about the Energy Safe Victoria Club Canteen Guidelines, CLICK HERE…


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