Deaf Football Victoria

Deaf Football Victoria was established in 1964 as the Jolimont Football Club with the purpose of fielding a team consisting of deaf and hard of hearing players in a football league.

Competing in the South East Suburbs Football League (now known as Southern Football League) for nearly ten years before disbanding due to lack of players. The Club was revived in 1980 as Deaf Football Victoria (DFV) with the purpose of playing state football against other states.

In 2017, history was created with DFV and South Australia Deaf Football Club fielding women’s teams for the Tanya Morgan Shield. The Shield is named after Tanya Morgan in honour for initiating deaf women’s football. The Shield was won by the RebelsW by two points in overtime, which was a thrilling game.

DFV’s marquee event is it’s an annual match on the Queen’s Birthday weekend where they play the Southern Cross Rebels and RebelsW (South Australia), which is a special occasion as it is the only time throughout the year where the deaf and hard of hearing community come together to represent Victoria.

DFV is focusing on growing deaf football and creating more deaf awareness for deaf and hard of hearing footballers, by ensuring there are no barriers placed between deaf/hard of hearing footballers and their local football clubs.

If you are interested in finding out more about deaf football please contact Jocelyn Teece, Secretary at Deaf Football Victoria on

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