AFCA – What is AFCA?

What is AFCA?

The Australian Football Coaches Association – Victoria branch is a not-for-profit sporting organisation aiming to provide necessary level of coaching to ensure that every person who coaches and plays Australian Football has the opportunity to reach their potential

The Australian Football Coaches Association (Victoria) Incorporated purpose:

  • Support, develop and promote an extensive coach education program to enable all coaches to achieve a minimum Level One Accreditation under the guidelines of the Australian Football League and National Coaching Scheme;
  • Enhance the professional recognition of coaches by the public, media and football administration;
  • Coordinate the development and maintenance of a coaches register at all levels of football in Victoria;
  • Act as a reference point for clubs seeking coaching information for distribution through recognized coaching branches;
  • Support the professional development of all coaches through the provision of regular educational and social activities.
  • Encourage all football coaches throughout Victoria to become active members of the Australian Football Coaches Association (AFCA).

The membership of AFCA has grown to over 6,000 coaches from football clubs, Auskick and schools.

AFCA also provides its members with:

  • Level One Coaches Education courses
  • Coaching Edge Newsletter, Regional AFCA newsletter
  • Football Resource Centre – books, videos, equipment
  • Access to coaching resources
Why join AFCA

1. Level Once Re-accreditation eligibility

Level One coaching accreditation expires after four years. If you are actively coaching and have been a member of AFCA over a four year period this automatically makes you eligible for Re-accreditation. Once re-accredited you will receive a new four-year accreditation of Level 1, 2 or 3.

2. Regional Coaching Newsletter

Issues each year offer articles on coaching, skill development, motivation, and drills all with a local flavor. Members are encouraged to submit articles, drills and skills for publication.

3. Regional Coach of the Year Awards

Each year all AFCA members are eligible to be nominated for Coach of the Year awards in Auskick, Junior, Youth Senior and female categories for the region. Each year a regional Coach of the Year dinner is held and successful coaches are eligible for Victorian Coach of the Year awards.

4. Victorian Coach of the Year Awards

The Victorian Branch of AFCA selects outstanding individuals for his or her dedication and service to the sport of Australian Football in the categories of Auskick, Junior, Youth Senior and female levels.

5. Coach Education

An accreditation program of coach education courses is provided to all coaches. Level One coach education programs offer an introduction to coaching – role of the coach, planning training sessions, organization, skills and drills, fitness for football, etc.

These courses are aged group specific, tailored to the needs of the coaches and players they are coaching. As the coach continues to develop his or her coaching, Level 2 course is conducted to advance their coaching knowledge. The High Performance coach education course is open to TAC cup, VFL and AFL coaches.

6. Coach Update Program

A variety of seminars and workshops are provided on a regional basis to continue the updating of coaches knowledge and understanding of new developments in the game of Australian Football.

7. Coaches Resource:

Access to a coaching video and book library is available to all members. Information and advice is also available on current resources and equipment.