AFCA – Coach of the Year Awards

Since 1989 the Victorian Australian Football Coaches Association has been recognising community football coaches for the significant role they play in the development of clubs, individual players and teams.

The AFCA Coach of the Year Awards are designed to recognise coaching service and excellence in five categories – Auskick, Junior Club, Female, Youth and Senior – with each AFCA regional branch awarding coaches in these categories for their efforts annually. 

The purposes of the AFCA Coach of the Year awards are:
  • To recognise the significant contribution of coaches to the conduct and development of Australian Football in Victoria.  
  • To recognise the achievements of coaches who give quality service to the game in that they: 
  • Display strength of character in the role of coaching 
  • Foster enthusiasm for, interest in, and an excellent attitude participation in football  
  • Give quality value to the goals and purposes of Club and League football 
The broad guidelines for each category are: 

Auskick: Pre-Club, 5-12 years. Introduce beginner footballers to the game, concentrating on skill development and enjoyment to ensure continuing interest and involvement in the game  

Junior: Primary School-aged children, 10-12 years. Introduce beginner footballers, develop team concepts, emphasise skill development through training and games. 

Youth: Secondary School-aged children, 13-19 years. Develop player potential, enhance team skills and foster competitive spirit and desirable attitudes through training and match play. 

Senior: Open age competition. Optimise the available individual and team potential while projecting sound attitudes concerning the welfare of football in general. 

From the regional winners, 15 Victorian finalists are chosen across the award categories for recognition at the annual Victorian AFCA Coach of the Year Awards conducted in November. Also recognised are the TAC Cup and VFL Coach of the Year.