Become a Healthy Choices Football Club

AFL Victoria recognizes that good nutrition is important for a healthy lifestyle and contributes to the health and well – being and encourages all clubs to create an environment which supports healthy food and drink choices for its participants, parents and supporters, umpires and coaches. 

Together with physical activity, healthy eating plays a key role in preventing disease, maintaining a healthy weight and supporting children’s growth and development.

With the support of VicHealth, AFL Victoria has undertaken a project which aims to make “the healthy choice the easy choice in community sport settings” through the education of community coaches and providing access to a range of resources for club committee or canteen managers to create a community environment where they can make healthy food and beverage choices to benefit all involved in the game of AFL Football.

  • CLICK HERE to watch a video on the importance of keeping hydrated….
  • CLICK HERE to watch a video on the importance of eating healthy food…. 

Obesity contributes around 8 percent of the total burden of disease in Victoria, almost on par with tobacco use. With nearly two-thirds of Victorians currently overweight or obese, reducing intake of excess kilojoules through drinks is one way to promote a healthier diet and improved health.

Sugar sweetened beverages are the largest source of sugars in the Australian diet and high intake of these sugary drinks are associated with poorer health outcomes, such as increased weight gain and increased risk of tooth decay.  Source: VicHealth H30 Challenge Campaign

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