Become a Healthy Choices Community

Football clubs, umpiring groups, and Auskick Centres have a responsibility to ensure that the people coaching, officiating, administrating and participating in their programs and competitions are:

  • in an environment where they can make healthy food and beverage choices; and
  • aware of the benefits of healthy choices and the potential health risk associated with unhealthy food and beverage choices.

The Becoming a Healthy Choices Club guidelines document aims to support healthy eating and beverage choices by implementing the Victorian Government’s Healthy choices: policy guidelines for sport and recreation centres across the organisation.

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AFL Victoria Becoming a Healthy Choices Club Guidelines 

The Healthy Choices Guidelines use a traffic light system to classify foods and drinks based on their nutritional value, in line with Australian Dietary Guidelines recommendations. Using the Traffic Light Classification System is an effective way to monitor which foods to have often (green), moderately (amber) or rarely if at all (red).

The GREEN category – best choices

These foods and drinks are the healthiest choices. Ensure they are always available and displayed prominently. Actively promote and encourage GREEN foods and drinks.

The AMBER category – choose carefully

These foods and drinks should be selected carefully and consumed in moderation. Do not let AMBER items dominate the menu or choices displayed. Do not promote or advertise AMBER items at the expense of GREEN options. Offer healthier options within the AMBER category and avoid large serve sizes.

The RED category – limit

These foods and drinks should be consumed rarely and in small amounts. Availability and display of RED options should be limited and promotion and advertising of RED items should be avoided.

  • CLICK HERE for the Drinks Guidelines using the Traffic Light System
  • CLICK HERE for the Food Supplier list using Traffic Light System


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