Become a Healthy Choices Coach

AFL Victoria encourages all coaches to educate their players to eat and drink well to feel great and perform at their best.

With coaches recognised as leaders and influencers within the team environment, it’s vital coaches and community football clubs promote healthy choices to their members. 

Caulfield Bears U10 Polars coach, Rowan Brittain has taken on the responsibility to educate his players and parents about healthy choices both on and off the field.

After attending the AFL Level 1 Junior course where the Nutrition and Hydration module was delivered, his team have made a change to their post – match snack.

Rather than sharing a bag of snakes with the kids, the players have a piece of fruit and are continuing to do so regularly after their games for the remainder of the year.


There are many resources available to support you in educating your players about their healthy choices:

Sports Dietitian’s Australia has developed a booklet offering guidance for meeting the nutritional needs of children aged 5 – 11 who play AFL Football. To download this resource, CLICK HERE…

Whilst most of the information in the Junior Football Player booklet (listed above) is also appropriate for older children, more specific nutrition information for adolescents is available HERE…

Nutrition Australia provides information on good nutrition to build healthy bodies, help them concentration at school and fuel their day to day activities with a focus on meeting their dairy requirements. CLICK HERE to view more…


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