Published on December 14, 2020 7:47 pm

Back to Back: Macleod Football Club Raise Over $22,000 With The Toyota Good For Footy Raffle

Quickly becoming the states Toyota Good For Footy Raffle benchmark, The Macleod Football  Club raised $22,835 to take out the number one ranking for Victorian clubs in 2020, on top of their $17,050 fundraising total in 2019.

Thinking outside the box comes naturally to the Macleod Football Club. Their innovative approach to promoting the Toyota Good For Footy Raffle engages over 200 past and present players to sell tickets. The competitive spin and creative take is just part of the reason the have been so successful.

Chris Long, a player and volunteer who coordinates the raffle each year, leading a team of group of 15 leaders who manage 15 players lead sales, send reminders and buy tickets themselves.

Each year the Macleod use a digital leader board to track the ticket sales and create incentives for the members to promote the campaign. The absence of community football in 2020 only further amplified the messaging, knowing how crucial these funds would be with its eventual return.

“An important aspect of our fundraising drive is to get out of the usual supporters and volunteers pockets, and into the extended non-supporter network.” Long said.

The use of Macleod’s social media platforms to launch the raffle and provide updates has proven key to their success.  In 2019 their launch video had 3000 views. In 2020 this grew to 5000. 

Macleod President, Steve Doherty, and his son Anthony Doherty (Captain) have become the face of the campaign, using their humour and wit to encourage the entire community to stir up support.

The weekly updates provided a spotlight on the leader boards – with members able to see their individual and team results.

The strong link with the Macleod Junior Football Club has also contributed to both their off field and on field success with a connection and pathway built to last.

Steve Doherty has been president at both the Junior and Senior clubs and has been a driving force for the strong ties across the two clubs.

Steve says “With the  2020 season suspended due to COVID, our strong connections with players, committee and supporters built over our time across the junior and senior clubs will be critical in getting the club up and running in 2021”

The money raised by the Toyota Good For Footy Raffle will be used to update the TV, sound system and kitchen utensils at the Macleod Football Club.

“We will need to put aside a large amount of the balance as a back-up for Season 2021 income. We anticipate a revenue shortfall.

We have to budget for a downturn in sponsorship and trading due to the impact of COVID-19” Long says.

Long took the opportunity to dedicate a message praising the clubs members and community “that have continued to support the [Macleod Football Club] during the Covid-19 Pandemic”

“I’m very humbled by their generosity and commitment during tough times.

Once restrictions have allow we are going to hold a free function at the club for these members with a few giveaways, drinks ,food and entertainment to thank them for standing by the Macleod Football Club”

Since launching in 2015, the Toyota Good For Footy Raffle has been a helping hand for grassroots football clubs to not only fundraise for crucial financial support but provide a platform for communities to come together and support their local clubs. In 2020, football clubs around Victoria raised a record amount of $429,640 for community clubs participating in the raffle, with 100% of the funds raised going directly to each club in the program.

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