Auskick – Parents FAQ

Parents FAQ

Q1. Australian Football looks rough. Is NAB AFL Auskick safe for children to play?

Answer: Some people believe football is rough because they only watch AFL football. That’s like saying you won’t buy your child a toy pedal car because so many people are injured in road accidents. AFL footy is professional, NAB AFL Auskick is recreational and (most importantly) fun! Independent research shows that NAB AFL Auskick is virtually injury free.


Q2. My child does not have the same ability of other children. Is there any point in joining?

Answer: Absolutely. Auskick gives children of all ability levels an opportunity to learn in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, whilst early participation in physical activity develops important motor skills and social abilities that can become the foundation for a lifetime participation in sport and recreation.


Q3. What about 5 year olds, is it suitable?

Answer: Children commence their motor skill and coordination development from the day they are born. These early years are crucial for a child’s development, with their capacity for learning new skills greater at this stage than in any other period of their life. Auskick focuses on the development of these ‘foundation’ skills, forming a solid base for future participation in Australian Rules Football and other sporting activities.


Q4. Is it suitable for girls?

Answer: Yes! Over 6000 girls participate in the NAB AFL Auskick program in Victoria, with hundreds of mothers acting as coordinators and coaches. In fact, research has indicated that programs such as NAB AFL Auskick are perhaps more important for girls than boys, due to the tendency of girls to avoid playing sport until the secondary school level. NAB AFL Auskick is also a perfect pathway for girls to become involved in AFL Victoria’s many competitive and recreational football programs across all ages.


Q5. Can I participate with my kids?

Answer: Certainly. NAB AFL Auskick encourages the participation of parents, of all abilities and fitness levels! Many parents see Auskick as a time to spend quality time with their children, and research indicates that children are more likely to persist with, and enjoy activities when their parents are involved. Parents are invited to join in skills sessions and activities with their kids, and may even learn a thing or two!


Q6. What else can parents do?

Answer: NAB AFL Auskick depends on the support of parents, requiring participators, coaches, supervisors, administrators. Full education and resource support is provided and is available on from the ‘Parents’ section of the NAB AFL Auskick website.


Q7. I worry about my child entering competitive sports too early. Is NAB AFL Auskick competitive?

Answer: Kids unanimously report that what they like best about NAB AFL Auskick are the “friendly” games of footy, where they are given a chance to show their new skills in minimally competitive environment. Whilst this relaxed match play is important for learning the rules of the game, it also encourages group cooperation and respect for team mates, umpires and opponents. Competitive footy is something that kids can graduate to later on if they want to.


Q8. Do I have to attend every week?

Answer: Most parents and children enjoy NAB AFL Auskick and attended regularly, however there are no match schedules or teams so nobody is let down by non appearance.


Q9. What are the benefits of registering for NAB AFL Auskick?

Answer: Apart from the obvious health and social benefits of being engaged in physical activity, all registered children also receive a Benefits Pack, coaching sessions, exclusive offers, the opportunity to meet AFL players and play at Half Time of an AFL game (Grade 3 and above).


Q10. How old does my child need to be to join?

Answer: A child must turn 5 during the NAB AFL Auskick program to be eligible to participate.


Q.11 When are NAB AFL Auskick programs run?

Programs generally run from April through to August.


Q12. How do I find my local NAB AFL Auskick Centre?

Answer: Go to the NAB AFL Auskick Website, and click on the NAB AFL Auskick Centre Locator. 


Q13. Who should I call about details of my specific NAB AFL Auskick Centre Activities?

Answer: NAB AFL Auskick Coordinator details are listed on the NAB AFL Auskick Centre Locator.


Q14. How much does the NAB AFL Auskick Program cost to join in Victoria

Answer: Visit the NAB AFL Auskick Centre Locator HERE and find your nearest centre for costs

*All that is left to do is visit the NAB AFL Auskick website and register!


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