Published on June 25, 2019 12:22 pm

AFL Victoria Launches Victorian Blind Football League

The Victorian Blind Football League will launch in 2019, providing opportunities for footballers with blindness and low-vision to play our game.

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The sport of AFL Blind is a modified version of Australian Football played in an indoor football field.

Testing days throughout 2018 saw interest grow and the sport develop. This year, we will see the formation of a four team, nine-round competition with finals.

Forty-five players expressed interest in the league with many attending the three Open Skills sessions which was run throughout May and June to introduce new players to the sport.

The game has some modifications to make it more inclusive and accessible with modified rules, bright coloured uniforms, targeted lightning and a buzzer inside the ball, to assist players taking part in the game.

Joining the competition in 2019 will be the Hawthorn Football Club and St Kilda Football Club, each building on the work they are doing within the community to support and involve people with a disability to take part in our game.

The AFL Blind program and Victorian Blind Football League are both great examples of the fact that more people can now participate in our game than ever before.

With programs such as the Victorian FIDA Football League, which has been around for almost 30 years, and the hugely successful Robert Rose Foundation Victorian Wheelchair Football League, AFL Victoria is making AFL the most accessible sport for all Victorians.

AFL Victoria has worked closely with VicHealth, Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria and Vision Australia over the past 18 months to grow and develop the sport of AFL Blind.

The season kicks off on Saturday 6 July from 10am at Action Indoor Sports – Tullamarine.

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Bombers Bridget Jolley – Captain
Bombers Aaron D’Altera
Bombers Adrian Smith
Bombers Andrew Close
Bombers Benjamin Peacock
Bombers Brooke Carter
Bombers Nick Lambourne
Bombers Peter Hyczka
Bombers Scott Peucker
Bombers William Kelly
Hawthorn Melanie Edge – Captain
Hawthorn Cebby Johnson
Hawthorn Chris Gould
Hawthorn Dale Alards
Hawthorn David Steeds
Hawthorn John Boland
Hawthorn Ned Brewer-Maiga
Hawthorn Ollie Oglethorpe
Hawthorn Soban Sivachanthiran
Hawthorn Zac Sheehan
Bulldogs David Gauci – Captain
Bulldogs Ben Young
Bulldogs Brett Wilson
Bulldogs Caleb Neyenhuis
Bulldogs Jasper Steeds
Bulldogs Nathan Luke
Bulldogs Shaun Keath
Bulldogs Steph
Bulldogs Steve O’Beid
Bulldogs Steph Holmes
St Kilda Lawrence Raja – Captain
St Kilda Brendan Spencer
St Kilda David Gordon
St Kilda Ingrid McKenna
St Kilda Kadek Artayana
St Kilda Matthew Cameron
St Kilda Patrick Whelan
St Kilda Shannon Jones
St Kilda Sinead Mooney
St Kilda Travis Zimmer


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