Published on November 1, 2018 2:02 pm

2017 Ray Allsopp NAB AFL Auskick Coach of the year winner David Henson

2018 Ray Allsopp NAB AFL Auskick C.O.T.Y nominees

The 2018 football season may be quickly becoming a distant memory for most, but not for the Australian Football Coaches Association Coach of the Year nominees. Mark Koelmeyer reports.

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Four outstanding coaches are in the running for the Ray Allsopp NAB AFL Auskick Coach of the Year which will be presented at the AFL Victoria Community Football Awards dinner on Friday November 9.

The prestigious award is one of a number of coaching accolades that will be handed out at the event, with winners also to be crowned in the Junior Coach of the Year, Youth Coach of the Year, Female Coach of the Year, Senior Coach of the Year and Umpire Coach of the Year categories.

See below for a brief summary of the Ray Allsopp NAB AFL Auskick Coach of the Year nominees:


Tim Fraser- Gisborne Auskick

Tim Fraser is the head coach of the largest NAB AFL Auskick centre in the Outer North & West Region, with 176 participants keeping him on his toes each week.

Immediately after joining as a coach five years ago, Tim was eager to ensure it was a success, holding coaching sessions and providing video/practical demonstrations to other coaches to give them the confidence to join him.

His passion and love for the game is shown heavily throughout the season, always putting his hand up for volunteer work and is first to clean the equipment shed, set up training grids, organise other coaches and assist anyone in need at the club.

His leadership is a standout and his ability to engage and communicate with parents, officials and players in a manner which allows them to have fun and learn at the same time, has earnt him a high level of respect from everyone at the club.

Tim is always aiming to better the club and provide new fun experiences for his players, including organising half time grid games for kids during the main break of senior games, and working with schools in the area to promote and raise awareness for the Gisborne centre.


Daniel Jordanov- Ringwood Auskick

Daniel is a current senior play who has dedicated his time to coaching the all-girls Auskick centre at Ringwood.

His preparation and ability to communicate with families of the girls has seen the club have over 30 girls registered this season, a vast improvement over recent years.

One of Daniel’s strengths is his ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each player and select certain activities to ensure each girl has a chance to reach her potential, proven by the great development of the players this season.

Being both a player and a coach, Daniel is well respected and liked by all at the club.


Mark McGann- Echuca Moama Rockets

Mark ‘Cheezel’ McGann is the proud AAA Auskick coach at the Echuca Rockets.

McGann’s commitment to helping children achieve their goal of playing football is quite remarkable, with many at the club describing him as the ‘glue’ that keeps them together.

Cheezel is a great communicator and despite some of the challenges he is presented with, he finds a way to create a perfect balance between learning, hardwork and having fun while creating an inclusive environment for all.

The Rockets are prominent on social media thanks to Cheezel and his efforts to recognise the group’s achievements go a long way in the team’s success.

He finds a way to ensure every player experiences success of some sort throughout the season- no matter how big or small.

He is also the key driver of an initiative called the One and All Inclusion Day at the club, a celebration of the club’s efforts to provide a platform for anyone and everyone to participate.


Amy Lampard- Fitzroy/Carlton Auskick

Unlike most football coaches, Amy Lampard hasn’t come from a football background.

Yet despite her lack of football experience, Amy’s ability to teach isn’t affected, rather it is considered a benefit due to the fresh new way of thinking.

Amy’s character and personality has seen her succeed in the role of overlooking 100+ kids at Fitzroy/Carlton Auskick.

While still implementing techniques and skills in her teaching, Amy’s main focus is on fun and creating an environment in which kids feel they can be themselves and learn along the way.

Amy has the ability to keep the kids engaged at all times and while she aims to keep a football in their hands at all times, she doesn’t limit herself to teaching just football activities.

She is able to act as a role model for young girls and her commitment to learning has enabled her to continue to grow as a coach and a teacher.


STAY TUNED later this week for a closer look at this year’s David Parkin Junior Coach of the Year Award nominees…


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