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2017 AFL Victoria Umpire Coaches’ Conference 

The annual AFL Victoria Umpire Coaches’ Conference will be held at Victoria Park, Abbotsford on Sunday 19 February from 8:30am – 4:45pm.

The link to formally register to attend and participate within the Conference is  and the cost is $50.00 that can be paid using a credit card when registering.

As the schedule of events is being finalised, we look forward to catering for four strands of Umpire Coach Education as we strive towards all Umpiring Groups’ Head Coaches, Discipline Coaches & Development Coaches possessing a current level of Umpire Coach Accreditation:-

  • 1. Development Coach Education
  • 2. Advanced Coach Education
  • 3. Leadership Group Training Education
  • 4. High Performance Coach Education

We look forward to the day that will include:

  • a high-profile AFL Umpiring keynote speaker
  • on-ground coaching and skill-drill delivery and observations
  • the four-hour training workshops
  • elective sessions.

A copy of the 2017 Conference program can be seen here.

Elective sessions for members of the Advanced, Leadership and High Performance Coaching Groups will be conducted between 3:45 and 4:30pm and the following options are available to select.

1. How do I get the best from myself as a Coach? How do I effectively utilise Planning / Self-awareness / Coaching Style / Knowledge of the audience / influencing capacity / courage and leadership to be a more effective Coach

2. Developing a Coaching Philosophy This session is designed to get you to have a clearer picture on “why” you coach and aligning this to your umpiring participants’ needs. Useful in helping to lay the foundations for your coaching plan for season 2017.

3. How to create a movie using an iPhone/iPad and iMovie App A simple explanation and demonstration of the ease with which we can use our mobile devices to create short movie clips that can be used for coaching purposes.

4. How to cater for all age-groups at training Why change is a must and how this will lead to greater enjoyment, member retention and improved community engagement. Topics will include inclusiveness, diversity, engagement and alternative delivery methods.

5. Alternative training options Umpiring training in 2017 should be different to 2016. What new alternatives can we create?

6. Setting yourself for success An overview of what a coach should consider in pre-season to set themselves for a successful season.

7. School-based Umpire Academies / local community Academies School-based and/or local community Academies allow new umpires to experience what umpiring is about from a skills and theory aspect, whilst in their school or local community. This session will explore how to set up Academies, provide a structured program depending on the Academy’s needs, discuss the role and how to select the appropriate the coaching staff and how the new umpires develop into ongoing/senior umpires within your community group.

8. iPad Coaching – ScreenChomp / Umpire Tracker How to use iPad technology in your coaching sessions –  during the game and throughout the week.

9. Recruitment & Retention How the Ballarat Umpires have grown their numbers by 20% since 2013….and how your group could do the same!




Umpire Coaching Resources
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To find out more about Umpire Coaching Courses and resources available please contact our Umpiring Development Managers by CLICKING HERE