V/Line Umpire Academy

Each year the AFL Victoria Country Umpiring Department invites  umpiring groups to nominate talented umpires to participate in the V/Line Umpire Academy Program. VLine Umpire Academies

Invitations are sent to young developing field, boundary and goal umpires to participate in Junior Football Programs, in addition to the more experienced umpires from local associations that are then considered for selection in a wide-range of umpiring appointments. 

Read more by clicking 2018 Academy Program outline

A summary of Football Programs that Academy umpires will be considered for appears HERE…




Program Manager Venue February March April May
Jock Hillgrove Geelong 6 February 6 March 3 April 1 May
Jock Hillgrove Warrnambool 13 February 9 March 9 April 7 May
Roger Le Grand Ballarat 14 February 21 March 4 April 9 May
Roger Le Grand Horsham 7 March 18 April 16 May
Roger Le Grand Sunraysia 15 March 3 May
Mark Bywater Albury 20 February 20 March 17 April 8 May
Mark Bywater Shepparton 19 February 19 March 16 April 7  May
Sharon McColl Elmore 7 February 7 March 4 April 2 May
Carl Fletcher Cranbourne 12 February 19 March 16 April 7 May
Nick Cullis Drouin 20 February 20 March 17 April 15 May
Nick Cullis Sale 21 February 21 March 18 April 16 May


V/Line Umpire Academy participants’ values 

A set of values, designed and written by 2013 – 14 members of the V/Line Umpire Academy, determine the standards members are encouraged to display at both Academy and local level.

• 2018 V/Line Umpire Academy Program values


2017 -18 Summer Training Program

An easy-to-follow summer training program has been designed for all Academy nominees to follow over the December – January phase of your pre-season training campaign. Based on your Rating of Perceived Exertion levels (RPE), this program caters for all disciplines and age groups.

It can be found here by clicking on 2017-2018 Academy Summer Training Program


AFL Model Release Forms

For immediate access to an AFL Victoria Model Release form, please click on the following links

AFL Victoria Model Footage Release – Adult (Final)

AFL Victoria Model Footage Release – (Under 18 years) (Final)


Community Umpire Prototype

Throughout 2013-14, Academy members compiled lists of skills / competencies possessed by experienced and talented community umpires and have established a Community Umpire Prototype.

Their exhaustive lists of traits and characteristics can be seen by clicking on Community Umpire Prototype 


To find out more about the programs above please contact  our Umpiring department:


AFL Victoria Community Umpiring Manager

Russell O’Toole           Phone: 0409 130 100              Email: russell.otoole@afl.com.au


AFL Victoria Umpiring Development Manager

Neville Nash                Phone: 0418 883 948              Email: Neville.nash@afl.com.au

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