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Recently the AFL has undertaken a review of coach education programs, the reaccreditation process and regional coach support on a national level. Please read through the following for an important update on coach education for season 2018.


Foundation Online Course:

A new entry accreditation is now called Foundation (replacing Level One), and is an online course for the specific age group the individual is coaching – senior, youth, junior or Auskick. The Foundation online courses are being developed and will be available from March 1st 2018.


Coach Education Workshops:

A new entry accreditation is now called Foundation (replacing Level One), and is an online course for the specific age group you are coaching – senior, youth, and junior. To further support new coaches in Victoria there will also be a face to face coaching workshop delivered by expert coaches. The cost of this three hour program is $60.00 which covers presenters, resources and a magnetic coaches board.



All coaches who wish to coach in season 2018 and have an accreditation which expires on the 31/12/2017 will be required to reaccredit. The reaccreditation process will now be an online process on an annual basis rather than over a four year period. This will be available from March 1st 2018.  A feature of the annual reaccreditation process will require each coach to attain a number points each year to be eligible for accreditation renewal – these points will be attained through a variety of means including coaching a team, completing short courses on the Coach.AFL Learning Management System, attending national conferences, seminars/workshops etc


Coach.AFL Learning Management System:

The development of a centralised Coach.AFL learning management system which includes a national membership database, high quality interactive coach resources, online coach education courses for all levels of coaching and a number of member benefitsCoach.AFL will be an exclusive resource centre providing a range of learning opportunities for all AFL accredited coaches.


Regional Support:

At the regional level AFL Victoria will deliver a range of face to face seminars and workshops for coaches to continue their personal growth and development. These seminars/workshops will attain points for the coach as part of their annual reaccreditation process. Other support and education provided will include club coaching coordinators, coach mentors and recognition of outstanding coaching achievements. All accredited coaches will have access to the Coach.AFL Learning Management System and gain access to the high quality interactive coach resources and member benefits.



The AFL Victoria Level Two Coach Education course is open to community, TAC Cup and VFL coaches and is conducted in November each year in preparation for the following season.


High Performance:

The High Performance course is targeted at coaches who are currently coaching in the AFL, State League, TAC Cup and AFL Victoria Academy programs. For further information contact AFL Victoria Coaching Development Manager Steve Teakel via

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